Legacy Avacyn Restored Playset Tournament

Legacy Tournament Date: 6/16/2012
Time: 12 Noon, registration 10am
Format: Legacy
Admission: $10
Prize: Various

We’ve put together some excellent cards from Avacyn Restored, usable in the Legacy format. Win a playset of one of these useful cards.

Format: Legacy Constructed
Admission: $10
Registration starts at 10am
FREE Lunch!
Cut to top 8

1st Place: Cavern of Souls x4
2nd Place: Temporal Mastery x4
3rd Place: Griselbrand x4
4th Place: Misthollow Griffin x4
5th-8th: Packs based on attendance (minimum 5 packs)

Door Prizes to include playmats and deck boxes. If we get 30 people or more, someone will win a free weekend pass to our 2013 prerelease events. With 50 or more registrants, one lucky person will win a complete set of Planechase 2012 decks! If we get 80 people two sets of Planechase decks will be given out and two weekend passes will be awarded. Additional prizes may be awarded to 1st-4th with sufficient attendance.

As always, FREE food will be available for Lunch.

Decklists are required. You can fill one out in advance using our fillable pdf linked here: http://bit.ly/SP_MtGDL

For information on the current Legacy format check out the Wizards site here: http://bit.ly/wotc_legacy

Keywords: mtg,mtgavr,Magic,Legacy,Magic the Gathering,Avacyn Restored

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